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Visual graphics are an extremely important part of your sales and marketing efforts!

Without professional looking images, your pages, banners and products
just won't stand out from the crowd!

And to get top quality vector character graphics, you'll probably spend at least $500 hiring a pro to do just a FEW images for you!

And finding high QUALITY vector characters ...is just plain hard!

Vector Characters

Lucky for you there's a solution!


Click image below to view some more samples!

Mascots2Go PNG and Vector Collection by Laughingbird Software
These characters can be used for...

These vector, SVG and PNG characters are 100% compatible with:

images are compatible with


ALL images come in the PNG format. All of them have transparent backgrounds so you'll be able to put them onto ANY surface or website!

SVG or "Scalable Vector Graphic" is a vector image format for two-dimensional graphics with support for interactivity and animation. SVG graphics do NOT lose any quality if they are zoomed or resized. Zoom in 200% and you will see a difference!

SVG graphics are great for video programs like
Explaindio, VideoFX, VideoMotion Pro
... and can be used with all "white board" creation software!

Black and White Line Art

All characters are converted to clean line art to use with White Board animation tools!

These black and white outlines are great for re-coloring your mascot to fit your personal color scheme! Millions of colors to choose from. Just add imagination!

black and white line art

Vector (EPS) graphics

Put the vector images on your vehicle

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